Incline Village Subdivision Characteristics


Prestigious area with a wide range of custom homes and estates. Prime Incline real eastate. Burnt Cedar Beach was named by Ray Smith because of a large burnt cedar tree that stood there for many years. Elevation appoximately 6,225'.

Lakeview Subdivision

Single family homes, low elevation, close proximity to neighborhodd shopping, the Post Office and some lake views. James lane is named after James McCourry, one of the three founders of Incline. Tiller Drive is named in honor of Harold Tiller. Mays Blvd. is named after Ray Smith's wife May. Ray was in charge of planning and development in the early stages thus he had a lot of influence over the street names.
Elevation approximately 6,300' to 6,400'.


A wide range of single family homes in a high elevation area of Incline Village, many with lake views and surrounded by forest areas.
Elevation appoximately 7,160' to 7,490'.


This subdivision is so named because it as the central hub of the original plan of Incline Village. Mostly condominiums, townhouses, commercial and retail, with some apartments and a few single family homes. This area includes the Hyatt Hotel, visitor center, restaurants, the public library, churches, the hospital, recreation center, tennis complex, and the Raley's Shopping Center. Juanita Drive is named after Art Wood's wife.
Elevation approximately 6,300' to 6,600'.

Eastern Slope

Primarily single family custom homes in a prestigious area known for its panoramic lakeviews and magnificent sunsets.
Elevation approximately 6,600' to 7,600'.

Golf Course

Single family custom residences and condominiums in a low elevation central location surrounded by green belt areas and convenient to both the Championship and Mountain Golf Courses. Harold drive is named after Harold Tiller, one of the original founders of Incline Village.
Elevation approximately 6,400' to 7,040'.


A wide range of single family residences, many full timers. This area provides some lake views and its surrounded by forested areas. Geraldine Drive is assumed to be named after Don Marek's wife. Don was head of Boise Cascade, the company that bought out the Crystal Bay Development.
Elevation approximately 6,800' to a high 7,400'.

Lower and Upper Tyner

Some lake views, and a wide range of single family homes with an average elevation of approximately 7,000'. Spencer Way is named after Ray Smith's son and Tyner was the maiden name of Ray Smith's wife May. Tyner is the longest street in Incline with lower Tyner beginning at an elevation of 6,800' and climbing to 7,120'. Upper Tyner starts at 6,800' and tops at 7,840', making it the highest residential subdivision in Incline.

Mill Creek

Low elevation neighborhood with a high percentage of year-round residents. Primarily residential single family homes. Mayhew Circles is named after Dick Mayhew, the draftsman for Ray Smith who was the Vice President of the Crystal Bay Development Company.
Elevation appoximately 6,300' to 6,400'.


Single Family residences, Some lake views and many year-round residents.
Elevation approximately 6,250' to 6,800'.

Ski Way

The Diamond Peak ski resort, includes condominiums, many freestanding residences. Some with spectacular full or partial lake views.
Elevation approximately 6,400' to 7,240'.

The Woods

A low elevation neighborhood consisting mostly of single family homes with wooded views near Incline High School, Preston Fields, th Sherrif's substation and churches. The woods subdivision is named after Art Wood, one of the three founders of Incline Village. McCourry street is named after James McCourry and Donna Drive is named after his daughter. Kelly Drive is named after the first maintenance man Charles Kelley. Three attorneys had streets named in their honor. Don Carano (a Reno Attorney) and Bob McDonald (who was responsible for showing the Incline property to Art Wood) have Donald Lane and McDonald Way named for them respectively. North and South Dyer Circle and Jensen Circle, are named after the third attorney, Dyer Jensen. Gary Way and Pat Court are named after Art Wood's sons and Betty Lane is named in honor of his housekeeper.
Elevation approximately 6,300' to 6,400'.